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High&Heavy and Breakbulk Cargo

RORO UK LTD. is one of the world’s leading Ro/Ro operators, offering transportation for a wide range of cargo, including trucks, buses, boats, agricultural equipment and construction equipment to destinations worldwide.

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Flat Rack Loading

Flat rack containers are especially suitable for heavy loads and cargo that needs loading from the top or sides, such as pipes and machinery. You will find collapsible containers and non-collapsible containers with or without walls. A little bit of terminology:

Out of gauge Cargo (OOG) : Cargo that extends over and above the standard measurement of a General Purpose container. OOG cargo is normally carried in Open Top containers (OT), Flat Racks (FR), Platforms (PL) due to the nature and size of the cargo.

Types of Out of gauge Cargo (OOG):

Open Top Container – comes in 20’ & 40′ – Used for cargo that cannot be easily loaded through the door and needs to be loaded from the top. The cargo could also be ingauge. This type of container is also used for loading cargoes that are over high. Used for the carriage of cargoes like machinery, steel or cement pipes, glass etc.

Flat Rack Container – comes in 20′ & 40′  – Used for cargo that is over width, over length and/or over high or cargo that cannot be loaded through the top like an OT or through the door (cargo may also be within gauge).

Big machinery, vehicles on tracks, big reels etc can be loaded on this type of container. The cargo could also be ingauge, but is heavy and requires a forklift to load it. In certain types of flat racks, the ends can also be folded – and they are known as Collapsible Flat Racks (COFL) also known as Platform.

Super-Rack container – Similar in use as a Flat Rack container but with a BIG difference. The difference is that in a Super Rack container, the corner posts can be extended upwards to increase the height. This is most useful when you have over high cargo.

Generally when you load an over high cargo on a Flat Rack, slings will need to be used to lift the container as the spreader cant lock onto the corner posts.